Complete Schedule 2018 

Jan 18th Senior Lunch Matinee

Feb 15th Senior Lunch Matinee Valentines Show

Feb 24th King Realty Land Auction 8AM-noon

Mar 15th Senior Lunch Matinee

Mar 17th Wedding & Reception

Mar 20th Pipeline Safety Seminar (invitation only)

Apr 19th Senior Lunch Matinee

May 17th Senior Lunch Matinee

June 21st & 22nd Special "Celebrate America's Veterans" Senior Lunch Matinee

July 19th Senior Lunch Matinee

July 26th Wedding & Reception

Aug 16th & 17th Senior Lunch Matinee

Sep 20th Senior Lunch Matinee 

Oct 13th Wedding Reception (private)

Oct 18th Senior Lunch Matinee

Nov 10th Wedding Reception (private)

Nov 15th & 16th Senior Lunch Matinee

Dec 4th Company Christmas Party (private) 

Dec 6th Company Christmas Party (private) 

Dec 8th Company Christmas Party (private)

Dec 13th & 14th Special Christmas Senior Lunch Matinee 

Dec 15th Company Christmas Party (private)

Dec 29th Saturday, Say Goodbye to 2018 Early Dinner Show

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